Your costume is on point, that candy bowl is overflowing and your decorations are of Hollywood caliber. Now let's add up those receipts...

When it comes to Halloween, I'm typically on a budget. Don't get me wrong, I love a good celebration (that's me with my girls dressed as KISS above), but with the holidays coming up a girl has got to prioritize. That being said, I believe I am far below the national average when it comes to Halloween expenses.

A recent survey says the average American has spent $185.50 on Halloween this year.

This number is up from last year's expenses which came in at $169.81. About 23 percent of that is spent on decorations, with 36 percent being spent on costumes. That leaves 41 percent of the average American's money going to candy. I told you... priorities. Of course, if you're like me, you typically stock up on candy early on only to eat half of it yourself and then you're left buying more at the last minute.

I'm curious how much of that money is spent on Halloween-related activities. How much have you spent this year? Do you think Halloween is worth every penny?

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