The show must go on is always Lady Gaga‘s credo.

She is the most consummate professional of the pop stars. The singer reportedly felt ill during the Mexico City date of her mega successful Born This Way Ball tour, but she didn’t stop the show. Come on, she never does that! Instead, she m-m-married the night in a new way.

She performed her hit ‘Marry the Night’ both a capella and while wearing her pink, post-show bathrobe, with its hood up for a little while. If you pay attention, you can see the skeletons in the robe’s print during the close ups. She looks like an Ewok from ‘Return of the Jedi,’ too. You can also see her new petal pink hair when the hood goes down. It’s such a pretty shade for her.

There were no backing dancers and no backing track during this perf, other than the thousands of little monsters singing backup for her. They never let her down.

Warning: You might need a Dramamine while watching this fan-filmed footage, since this lil’ monster did not have a steady hand when capturing the moment.

She can get bashed– accidentally — in the skull with a stage prop by a dancer and suffer a concussion without halting the show. She can puke mid-song and still keep dancing and singing. She’s Gaga and she can do any and everything!