As if we didn't have enough reasons to love One Direction, they go and get all karmic and cute with us again. The British heartthrobs are ambassadors for the Rays of Sunshine charity, which, similar to the U.S.-based Make a Wish Foundation, grants wishes to terminally and seriously ill children. And they did it with smiles on their faces. That sound you hear? Millions of us crying and swooning at the same time.

The band spent an afternoon on a London hotel rooftop with youngsters whose only dream was to meet them -- one girl even got "swept off her feet" by Harry Styles. The adorable, cheeky little lass, Niamh Wyle, had a poster for Harry that read “Caroline In Bits When Dumped” and “Gutted Over Harry’s Secret Love For Niamh," referencing his breakup with 32-year-old 'X Factor' U.K. host Caroline Flack. Niamh warned him, “Now are you going to behave? This was when you were being very naughty.” Harry's adorbs reply? “I didn’t do it! ... It’s very good, but I promise to be on my best behavior now."

Niamh told Harry all about how he motivated her to get better after suffering severe burns. "You were my inspiration to get better. I even had a reward chart with your face on it and when I learnt to do things again, like walk, I got a star," she said, adding, "You’re my favorite. I think you are very cute and funny.”

Niall Horan told The Sun, "It is totally humbling to meet kids like this. And it really makes you feel good that you can do something nice for them. We've had amazing good luck and many of these children haven’t. But they are always happy and we go away feeling brilliant. It’s like we’re giving something back.”

Zayn Malik quipped, “When you listen to what many of these kids go through it’s absolutely awe-inspiring. They are so brave.” Liam Payne agreed. "It’s such a small thing for us but the kids get so much out of it. We really love doing things like this. We leave smiling because they are always so wonderful.”

If 1D didn't make you shake and cry before, we bet they do now.