A trailer for Lana Del Rey‘s intriguing ‘National Anthem’ video, in which she plays Jackie O (and we think Marilyn Monroe for a hot second) has leaked. It’s four minutes long, which is, you know, the normal running time for an official video.

But the same images, namely of a washed-out LDR looking hologram-like, are looped over and over, with some flashes and splashes of other scenes tossed in for good measure and to keep you interested.

LDR tweeted amazing photos from video yesterday, which you can see here.

The main, black-and-white looped footage consists of a whitewashed-by-lights Lana dusting her glossy auburn locks out of her eye, spliced with A$AP Rocky, who portrays JFK, smoking and exhaling. Those two are making eye contact and exchanging longing glances from afar. Um, okay.

As we said, there’s also some other footage splashed among the repeated images to keep it from getting boring. There’s only so many times you can watch LDR brush her locks out of the way and A$AP inhale without snoozing.

There’s images of them hugging, with LDR rocking the Jackie O bouffant. Actually, she looks a bit like Priscilla Presley, as well. There’s not too much information about the plot and why they decided to portray Jackie O (and a little bit of Marilyn) and JFK.

We can see flashes of American flag, LDR among flowers in a powder blue sweater and the fateful motorcade. Yeah, she got us. We want to see more.

Watch the Lana Del Rey ‘National Anthem’ Trailer