MTV's TV show 'Catfish' follows up with, and helps to provide answers to, couples who have relationships online and have never actually met. This episode (aired March 2016) follows the story of Jaylin who lives in Ohio and is supposedly in a relationship with Ja'la who lives in Laramie, Wyoming.

As the 'Catfish' hosts Nev and Max have repeated proved, it is a red flag when you are in a relationship with someone online but they will not talk on the phone or do any kind of video chat. According to Max, 99.9% of the time if someone will not talk on the phone, it means they are a member of the opposite sex they are portraying. Most 'Catfish' episodes end with an impersonator being confronted and coming clean, while breaking the others heart and giving them a hard life lesson. That wasn't completely the case with Jaylin and Ja'la.

Jaylin, Nev, and Max traveled to Laramie to find out if Ja'la was for real. Ja'la was actually who she said she was. This doesn't happen often in 'Catfishing' instances.Even though there was no identity crisis, the couple did not have a happy ending.  They attempted a long distance relationship, but that relationship ended rather quickly.

It is hard to tell if this was a scripted episode or not, but alot of this is hard to swallow as being real.  What do you think?

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