This Memorial Day weekend, a lot of us are gonna haul out our grills from storage, dust 'em off, load 'em up with charcoal and fire up some delicious meats. It's tradition. But tradition sometimes needs an update, and a couple of scientists in Syracuse, N.Y., have elected to toss the charcoal and instead sear their steaks with lava.

Wait, lava? As in molten rock? Like from a volcano?

It may seem a bit dangerous, but it turns out using lava to cook meat works just fine. Hell, now that we think about all the possible perils involved in tossing a match onto a bunch of lighter-fluid-soaked briquettes while a bunch of kids runs around mere feet away, using lava doesn't really seem that risky after all.

Now, you may not have a ready-to-use batch of molten rock lying around -- we're not all scientists -- but if you do, this does look like a fine way to get the job done. And be sure to watch to the end, because if you've ever wondered, "What would it be like to toss a raw T-bone directly into a bowl of lava?" then you'll finally get your answer. And really, who among us hasn't wondered what it would be like to toss a T-bone directly into a bowl of lava?

As long as you're getting a bit adventurous with your grilling, why not do the same with your beer selection? We found five, shall we say, unusually flavored brews for you to try out:

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