Lea Michele and the rest of the cast in ‘New Year’s Eve’ may want to hold off popping that bottle of champagne. The celebrity-saturated holiday rom-com opened to the lowest grossing weekend since 2008.

According to Deadline, the movie — which also stars Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel, among many others — took in just under $14 million, which is roughly $6 million less than what Warner Bros. had anticipated. Although the film knocked ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ from the No. 1 spot, there’s not much to celebrate. In other words, Rachel Berry would be devastated.

Although it’s stacked with famous faces, the movie has been receiving poor reviews. For instance, NPR’s Linda Holmes wrote: “The only entertaining way to watch ‘New Year’s Eve’ is as a cruel experiment in which performers stranded with absolutely no script support are forced to subsist on pure essence, which quickly becomes a blood sport in which only a few survive.” Ouch.

Following the success of its predecessor, ‘Valentine’s Day,’ the studio projected ‘New Year’s Eve’ to be a box-office smash. Its publicity campaign was aggressive, supporting the Garry Marshall flick with 11 magazine covers and more than 27 appearances on national TV shows, Deadline says.

According to Box Office Mojo, ‘Valentine’s Day,’ which starred Taylor Swift, earned over $70 million in its first week. Michele and Swift are reportedly both being considered for the role of Eponine in the feature film version of ‘Les Miserables,’ but if ‘New Years Eve’ and ‘Valentine’s Day’ are any indication of who has more star power, things are looking good for the country star.