Taylor Swift cannot claim sole ownership of Lena Dunham's devotion. The 'Girls' creator and star, and the "It" girl of the intellectual young writer's set, revealed she relates to the music of Demi Lovato. Really? Well, kinda.

While Swift and Dunham palled around at the 2013 Grammys, Dunham took to Twitter to reveal the fact that she "relates to that Lovato girl," who just dropped 'Demi' last week.

If Lovato is a 'Girls' fan, we bet she has a 'Heart Attack' over this news.

While the tweet feels fueled by sarcasm, it's really not, since Dunham isn't nasty in her social media interaction, and she often seems easygoing in situations involving other A-listers.

And you can't always glean accurate tone from a tweet.

We're thinking Dunham probably heard the song, which is all over the radio, and liked the message that Lovato was trying to get across. It's not poetry, but there is something to be said for simple, effective lyrics.

Below is the tweet.

So far, no reaction from that Lovato girl. Maybe there is a cameo on 'Girls' in Lovato's future?