The fight between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom is the gift that keeps on giving. Next up on the growing list of bizarre and unexpected details surrounding the scuffle is the report that Leonardo DiCaprio was also present for the restaurant drama, and he very vocally picked a side!

Anastasia Skolkova, a former journalist who witnessed the throwdown, claimed that Orlando and Leo were at the same table before the fight broke out. “Everyone stood up and started watching like it was a show, and clapping,” she told the Mirror. “DiCaprio was flipping out…”

She also revealed that there was more than one swing directed at the Biebs. “There were actually two moments when it turned violent, it wasn’t just the one punch thrown,” she shared.

Neither Justin nor Orlando has officially commented on the incident. In Justin’s case, it might be because he’s too busy throwing shade by posting taunting photos on Instagram, including one of the actor crying.

Let the drama continue!

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