I have to admit that I didn't know this was possible. Two guys just shared a video of them running up Grand Teton. Really.

Mateusz Belowski shared their adventure on YouTube as they ran and climbed up Grand Teton. This is really something.

Mateusz described their video this way:

Fast and light style climbing Grand Teton (13775f/4198m) - the highest mountain in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, and a classic destination in American mountaineering.

Climbing Grand Teton is quite the accomplishment even if you're going slow. Extreme Nomads describes this climb as one of the top 50 classic climbs in America. I would agree. Breaking news: it requires lots of rope. They mention there are guided and non-guided routes which is great if you'd like to check this bucket list item off your list but don't have the kind of skills that Mateusz has.

They also recommend that you only attempt this in either July or August as there is always snow on Grand Teton, but it's slightly less stressful during our brief summer months.

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