Despite being on a label called Young Money, Lil Wayne and Drake are not eager to part with their cash so easily. According to TMZ, Weezy and Drizzy are refusing to cough up $400,000 to a promoter who claims in a lawsuit that the duo was a no-show for a 2011 concert appearance.

Wayne and Drake have teamed up to fight against a judge’s order to pay Imperial Entertainment Group $432,337.50 in damages for allegedly skipping out on a booked show. The rappers filed new legal documents contending they were never informed about the concert and didn’t sign any contracts to confirm their appearance.

In addition, the duo clams they never received a subpoena to show up in court to defend themselves against the promoter’s allegations. In their suit, they are asking the court to make the $400,000 judgment invalid.

This new court case can be added to Lil Wayne’s laundry list of lawsuits that are still tied up in the legal system. There’s a $15 million copyright-infringement case by production company Done Deal and a lawsuit by the Drummer Boyz who are suing Wayne over the ‘How to Love’ beat.

Let’s hope the YMCMB camp can resolved all of these legal matters promptly and amicably.

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