Lady Gaga‘s little monsters are a rabid, dedicated and devoted bunch. In fact, some might say that they are disciple-like in their unwavering worship of the Mother Monster. However, they may have taken their love for their heroine a bit too far as they launch a backlash campaign against Madonna, who has been taking swipes at Gaga while she promotes her new film ‘W.E.’ and new album ‘M.D.N.A.’

First off, Madge has remained tight-lipped about Gaga for the past year, barely uttering a peep about the sonic similarities between Gaga’s smash ‘Born This Way’ and her own 1989-hit, ‘Express Yourself.’ Until now. In her much-recycled ABC interview, she called the song “reductive.” The literal translation is “crude,” but there was a lot of pointed meaning packed into that million dollar word. In essence, Madge, while calling Gaga talented, reduced her to a copycat. Madonna is the biggest pop star of the last century and she can never be topped, so she doesn’t even need to resort to such cattiness. But the the monster contingent ain’t having any of it and has rushed to the aid of the Mother Monster with the spirit of angry Rottweilers.

While their intentions may be good, some of the rhetoric they are spewing is crossing the line. The Examiner reports that civil rights activists in Chicago got together at the Windy City’s Martin Luther King, Jr. library to discuss his legacy, since tomorrow (Jan. 16) is MLK Day. The conversation shifted to the little monsters and their comments about Madonna in the wake of her criticisms of their idol.

The monsters have a blog dubbed ‘The Lady Gaga Project,’ whose mission statement and sole purpose of existence is to further the Gaga cause with a take-no-prisoners approach. Their tag even states that the blog is “where Little Monsters come together to help Mother Monster with her music and causes.” One blogger posts, “Let’s continue our anti-Madonna campaign. Remember to post negative things about her.” Madge is even referred to as “an old whore.”

The Chicago group pointed to several racist and bigoted comments against black people and older folks on the blog. While it’s important to recognize Gaga herself did not launch this counterattack (since Madonna’s statements can be viewed as the first attack) and likely does not condone such comments since she opens her arms to monsters of all walks of life, colors and creeds, the little ones are sparing no one’s feelings as they fight for Gaga’s honor. Their passion is amazing, but we have to agree that they need to cease with the racist and inappropriate comments. Case in point: a photo of Madonna holding her young, adopted son and saying that’s her next boyfriend, given her penchant for dating younger men.

Ignorant comments aside, this contingent is serious about making life hell for Madge.

Another post read as follows:

Get ready, Folks. Starting on Monday, March 26, Little Monsters everywhere are going to make it one week of Hell for old lady Madonna and her psychotic followers. During this week, we will literally destroy the hit potential of “Give Me All Your Love” by negative tweets, negative messages, and calling radio stations personally to ask them to stop the song.

Which pop diva is going to extend the olive branch first before this gets uglier? The monsters are on a mission and will not allow this trash talking from Madge.