It sounds like a few LMFAO fans will be especially sorry for party rocking a little too hard. Massive crowds at a series of free concerts in Indianapolis caused multiple reports of revelers getting trampled, with 11 confirmed injured.

WTHR reports that tens of thousands of fans flocked to the city’s Super Bowl Village, causing many of them to simply be stuck for hours because there was literally no room to move. So far Indianapolis’ Super Bowl Village has had a whopping 780,000 visitors, though organizers expect Friday’s free concert to have been the biggest draw of the weekend outside of the big game. It is already the biggest crowd downtown Indianapolis has ever seen!

Out of the 780,000 guests, 11 injuries (all minor, none requiring hospitalization) isn’t so bad. Police reported that 22 arrests were made during the event, mostly alcohol-related. Sounds like the crowd took ‘Shots’ to heart. Organizers said they will address the areas that became blocked and close off additional streets from traffic to accommodate the crowds on foot.

This isn’t the first time LMFAO’s shows have harbored some potentially dangerous mishaps. In December 2011, a venue hosting the duo in Honduras caught fire, and the band had to postpone a Canadian tour after SkyBlu suffered several herniated discs in his back.

LMFAO will bring their signature style and ‘Sexy and I Know It’ moves to the Super Bowl halftime show with none other than the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna. We can only imagine how crazy the crowds will be then!