I'm still hitting myself for missing out on the Macklemore's recent tour. Mind you, I wasn't aware of this talents until AFTER "Thrift Shop" hit the net. Admit it, I'm not the only one who had little clue who this guy was before he blew up.

Weeks later, after watching his tongue-in-cheek hit single rise up the charts, I come to realize that Macklemore was from the town I adore, Seattle. I'm telling you, if I didn't have a kid, wife, and a 30-year mortgage I'd be living there, too. There is just something about that town that calls to me. It's clear that the talented performer has as much love for the Pacific Northwest as I do.

Now, Seattle residents can't have any doubts for the amount of love Macklemore has for his hometown, as the top of the Space Needle briefly hosted a black and white flag that resembled the American flag with “The Heist” written over it.

According to Seattle Curbed:

The Heist is of course Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘ smash album (which recently went gold) and the flying of the flag lasted for a little more than an hour, which leads me to believe it was likely being used for a music video. So look for The Heist flag flying high in a YouTube clip soon. I’m guessing it’ll be the video for “Can’t Hold Us.”

Sure enough, it did. Check out the video as Macklemore and his best friend/producer tour the globe, but not without making a pit stop in his hometown to pay his respects.