Video may have killed the radio star, but ‘Turn Up the Radio’ won’t kill its video star, with the star we’re referencing being Madonna. Madge goes mod in the styling for the vid for ‘Turn Up the Radio,’ her latest single from the March-released ‘MDNA.’

It’s thrilling to see that the mother of all pop stars still knows how to have fun on the set of her videos even though she is decades into her career. Shooting videos is old hat by now, but she approaches it with the aplomb of a her ‘Like a Virgin Days.’ She’s not jaded or discontented, at least not from the looks of this behind-the-scenes action.

The footage captures the Material Girl on the set in Florence, Italy. It’s a gorgeous location, with people dancing in the square and Madge looking ever stylish in black animal skin jacket, black glasses and bouffant Adele-style hair, complete with a thick headband. It’s oh-so-60s, and she has a unique European flair in her look and her vibe.

Madge is also seated in the backseat of a convertible, working hard to get all of the extras to dance and clap their hands.

Italy certainly provides a beautiful backdrop. We cannot wait to see the finished product. The scenery adds a jaw-dropping extra element.

Watch Madonna on Set of ‘Turn Up the Radio’ Video