Women — Can’t live with ‘em, can’t think straight around ‘em. Also, can’t sell them without official papers, but that’s something you learn on your own after months of research.

A new study conducted in the Netherlands discovered that men experience a cognitive decline during interaction with women. While men become distracted and can’t think straight when in the presence of a woman, and often experience impaired mental performance at the thought of interacting with a woman, the opposite is not true. The researchers came to the conclusion that “evolutionary pressures” have caused men to sexualize neutral situations. Hehehe..sex. Wait, what did say?

Men have temporary lapses in mindfulness especially when the woman is attractive and he is trying to impress her. You could go to any bar in any city in the world and come up with the same result. We didn’t need people from the Netherlands telling us something we already know. So high and mighty those…Netherlanders? Netherners? Neanderthals?

So, inclusion, when you think like a man you act like a moron. Isn’t that a Steve Harvey book? We don’t know, we can’t read.

[Via New York Daily News]