Documents recently filed in Natrona County District Court allege that a Mills woman drunkenly kicked a pregnant teen in the stomach last month.

Specifically, Linda Joyce Beatty is charged with aggravated assault for the May 6 incident in which she allegedly kicked the pregnant teen.

If convicted, Beatty faces up to 10 years behind bars, $10,000 in fines or both.

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She has not had an opportunity to enter pleas to the charges.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, police were called to a residence in Mills just after midnight on May 6. Court documents state an intoxicated woman called 911 and said someone locked her out of the home, even though she paid more rent.

When police arrived, they heard what was apparently a man and a woman physically fighting. Shortly after, an officer reported hearing a woman say she would just go to jail, court documents state.

Court documents allege police knocked on the door and were let into the residence. Inside, they found a man restraining Beatty. The man told police he was restraining Beatty because she kicked the teen, born in 2004, in the stomach.

A Mills Police officer writes in the affidavit that Beatty continually drunkenly interrupted officers and others as police tried to establish what happened.

Eventually, court documents state, police learned that Beatty returned home from a bar when the man was attempting to go to sleep. Beatty reportedly woke the man several times and began instigating an argument.

"As Beatty was antagonizing (the man), (the man) began to push Beatty out of his bedroom, in which Beatty then dramatically fell down, falling onto a dry stand used to hang clothes, causing the stand to break," an officer writes in the affidavit. "At this time, while still on the ground, Beatty grabbed an aluminum rod which was broken from the stand."

The officer goes on to write that Beatty began swinging the rod at the man and the pregnant teen. According to the officer's report, the pregnant teen stopped Beatty from swinging the rod before Beatty kicked the teen in the stomach.

Once forced into a chair, Beatty once again kicked the teen in the stomach, court documents state.

Court documents state the teen told medical personnel that she was having pain in the upper area of her stomach due to being kicked.

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