Floyd Kimble, Courtesy of Haylee Sauerwine

Cheyenne's Haylee Sauerwine, who was recently crowned Miss Wyoming United States, is asking the public to help fund her trip to the upcoming Miss United States Pageant. Sauerwine recently posted a GoFundMe page soliciting donations for her trip.

Not to be confused with the Miss America, Miss USA and several similar events, the Miss United States pageant dates back to 1925. Last year's winner, North Carolina's Elizabeth Safrit, went on to finish as a runner up in the 2014 MIss World Pageant.

Sauerwine works as an animal control officer in her spare time and hopes that her upcoming appearance will help promote awareness for animal rights and abuse prevention.

The 2015 Miss United States Pageant will be held June 30th through July 5th, in Washington, D.C.