Wyoming has earthquakes all the time. Most are in the western part of the state near the seismically-active Yellowstone. But, a moderate quake has just struck where we don't usually see earthquakes just south of the Bighorns.

The USGS has confirmed a 3.2 earthquake has hit near Meadow Lake which is located in the southern Bighorns about 88 miles to the north of Casper.


The report says this has been reviewed and confirmed by a USGS seismologist. The quake had a depth of around 5 km. By USGS definition, this is a very shallow quake.

It's not completely out of character for Wyoming to have a quake in this region. It happens every once in a while. But, a 3.2 magnitude quake is a bit more enthusiastic than most non-Yellowstone quakes. We'll just have to wait and see if this is a one-off event or the beginning of something more significant.

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Photos of Wyoming from the Library of Congress

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