I can only imagine how much adrenaline this driver had flowing through their veins as a huge moose slipped and fell in front of them as a new video shows.

My family had a close encounter with a moose when we were driving at night in Colorado many years ago. It was raining and visibility wasn't good. One of these big fellas suddenly appeared in the middle of the road and we barely missed him. In this case, the driver deserves big time kudos for paying attention enough that they came to a complete stop which likely saved them and the poor moose.

There is no mention of the location. Could it be western Wyoming? Sure. Likely that or Alaska.

The physics of a moose/vehicle collision don't normally end well for the animal or a car. Wide Open Spaces shared some moose facts including the fact that they can easily weigh 1,000 pounds.

If the saying "all's well that ends well" applies here, then all is well as the moose does not appear to be seriously injured (other than likely a nasty road rash) and the vehicle can continue down the road albeit with a likely large amount of sweat in their hands.

Bullwinkle sure does look a lot bigger in real life than he does in the cartoons.

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