This is and has always been a hot topic in Wyoming. Was the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone a good thing or a bad thing? A relatively new video claims that the entire park was saved by 14 wolves.

Some have already made up their mind about this topic one way or another, but I'd recommend at least hearing this guy out.

In short, he believes that elimination of wolves in the 20th century caused an abnormal increase in moose and elk populations who then fed on foliage that other species depend on in greater numbers.

His theory/belief is that the 14 wolves that were introduced back into the Yellowstone ecosystem in 1995 saved the natural balance in the park. When you have an apex predator like wolves, adding or subtracting their numbers does have a cause and effect.

This YouTube channel isn't alone in its beliefs. The BBC did a similar story years ago about the benefit of Yellowstone wolves. But, not everyone is on board with this "wolves saved everything" storyline. Accuweather shared an article about scientists debunking wolves fixing Yellowstone as did USA Today.

What do you think? Wolves in Yellowstone good or bad? I have yet to run into anyone that doesn't have a strong opinion on the matter.

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