Nicole Arbour is at it again. An actress, former professional cheerleader, dancer, comedian, YouTube star and apparently a singer/musician, she's probably most known for her "Dear Fat People" video. Her latest video, entitled "Dear Black People" is sure to stir up all kinds of emotions.

As a Black person, I will say, there were some funny parts. Whereas I didn't agree with everything she says, just like her other videos, she has some moot points. That being said, I think people need to keep in mind, her videos are satire... or at least she claims they are.

At this point, I think she's going more for shock value, but if you can find a niche' to use for YouTube and Facebook views, I can't knock her hustle. Like seriously, what comedian hasn't used some sort of shock value to make money?

She did lose an acting gig after posting the "fat-shaming" video, but that might have been a little harsh considering she is an actress/comedian. I could name a few A-listers that have said worse on prime-time television (turn on SNL any given Saturday if you don't believe me) and way worse in movies .

Again, I don't agree with everything she said, but hey... it's her channel and she's getting paid. Plus it was kinda funny. Cool points for getting an actual Black person to do the video with her (wonder if she would have received less flack with a bigger person in the last video?). Worse comes to worse, if I didn't want to watch it, I didn't have to.

*Writers note* - This video was less than 5 hours old when I posted it and had over 300,000 views on Facebook and over 35,000 on YouTube! I bet by noon tomorrow it will have already gone viral. Again, whether you agree or disagree... you can't knock her hustle.