Finally the phantom baby shows his face! Even though Adele's son is about eight months old now, we have finally got a glimpse of the elusive Angelo Atkins-Konecki -- that is if the boy's name is, in fact, Angelo.

Adele and her boo Simon have yet to officially confirm the identity of their little bundle of joy, though there have been hints.

The new mom was snapped by paparazzi while she walking her little Angelo in London while dressed down in leggings, flats and an oversized top. According to E! Online, she was with another mom, who also had a kid in tow. How awesome would that be to have your kid play with Adele's? We bet she's a super cool mom.

We're guessing she's taking the time to be with her son before she goes back to recording new music, which she promised would be out mid-2014.

Either way, little Angelo is a cute little guy and he's lucky to have such an awesome mom!