Good news for Pink fans! You can listen to teasers from ‘The Truth About Love‘ in anticipation of its Sept. 18 release.

The opening track, ‘Are We All We Are,’ is pretty raucous, featuring loud gang vocals, followed by her current single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss).’

The third track is resilient heartbreak anthem ‘Try,’ which you’ve heard before if you’ve been paying attention to PopCrush! ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ is a midtempo track with Nate Ruess of Fun., in which Pink begs a lover to make it work. It sounds exactly the way you’d imagine a Pink duet with Fun. would sound like — so if you’re a fan of either artist, you’ll love it.

‘True Love’ is a dance-y, heavily produced pop ditty, while ‘How Come You’re Not Here’ faces Pink yelling at a lover who went missing. The title track reveals exactly what ‘The Truth About Love’ is: “It’s a lie,” Pink spits. Perhaps to escape that knowledge, Pink begs in ‘Beam Me Me Up’ to escape a troubled world and heart.

Just because she’s got a heart doesn’t mean Pink doesn’t have fun. On the infectious ‘Walk of Shame’ she revels in, well, not being too ashamed of “last night’s bubblegum” and looks forward to doing it again in ‘Here Comes the Weekend.’

Still, the party has to end sometime, and Pink comes down from her Saturday night high to ask ‘Where Did the Beat Go?’ on a midtempo track about the complications of infidelity and feeling the need to “bask in another man’s afterglow.” In ‘The Great Escape,’ Pink firmly but tenderly addresses her tempestuous relationship with Carey Hart, telling him, “I won’t let you make the great escape/ I’m never gonna watch you checkin’ out of this place.” Awwww, Pink!

Listen to Pink, ‘The Truth About Love’ Teaser