After Carly Rae Jepsen accepted her award, 2012 Europe Music Awards host Heidi Klum was on hand in a sexy orange-y gold dress to announce the next performer of the night.

A clearly excited Klum threw her hand in the air as she introduced Pitbull to the crowd, screaming, "It's Pitbull with 'Don't Stop the Party!!!!'" Oh Ms. Klum, how we love and appreciate your enthusiasm.

Pitbull looked like he was straight off the set of a 'Men in Black' film during his performance. Dressed in black with a white shirt underneath and a pair of dark sunglasses, he entertained the crowd with his song -- and leave it to the master to have background dancers in the form of beautiful women dressed in tight white bodysuits and white wigs.

The song itself leaves something to be desired, since it's super repetitive, but the theatrics during his set is what really made the performance. With lasers, beams of light, and a light show going on behind him that kind of resembled one of those wacky screen savers we all used to have on our PC's back in the day, he created a simple party atmosphere.

The audience ate up his performance; and they must've taken a lesson from Klum because everyone's hands were in the air.

Pitbull is indeed the master of the party.