You're confused. You always thought you were pretty, smart, witty, etc. You thought you were a catch. So why hasn't he called you back? Why is the ratio of your texts to his 5-1? Why did you hear the voice of your best friend when he accidentally butt-dialed you? Well, if you read a certain book or watched a certain movie, you'd guess that He's Just Not That Into You. That's probably true, but if you're looking for honesty as to why, instead of a femme-lit book written by a guy who wrote for Sex and The City, and is married, then you've come to the right place. We've already written a guide for our male friends, and now it's your turn ladies. So here is a list of the Top 10 Reasons He Doesn't Like You.

#10- Your Friends Are Annoying

We've said that one reason why girls don't like guys is because their friends don't like him. This is true,and it's important to make friends with your friends. The only problem is that your friends are annoying. Like, really annoying. We get that you grew up with them,  or have a lot of fun when you go out, or blah blah blah. That's all fine and good, but it still doesn't change the fact that your friends annoy the hell out of us. And here's a secret- they don't even like you! They don't want you to be happy, so they will take subtle digs at you, and your guy, until one of you breaks up with the other. Chances are, it'll be the guy to do it. We don't have time to deal with your stupid, annoying friends. So we'll break up with you and count down the days until your annoying friends Facebook message us asking if we want to grab a drink.

#9- Your Dad Terrifies Us

It's important to us that we impress your parents.  Specifically, your dad. You're his princess and we want him to know that you're our princess as well. We will do everything we can to impress him and let him know that you're in good hands. So tell him to stop being a dick! He doesn't need to constantly remind us that we should be making $80K a year, or that our car isn't up to snub, or that we'll never be good enough for you.  We know all of these things already. Bottom line, your dad scares the crap out of us. We'll put up with it for a while, because we love you and understand that he's just being protective. But when it gets to the point where he is standing outside of the restaurant that we're at, it's time for a change.

#8- You Don't Put Out

Harsh, we know. We're not proud of it. The fact of the matter is, though, sometimes Daddy needs some love. Now, the reason you're not putting out may be because of the fact that we sometimes refer to ourselves as "Daddy," or because we refer to our genitalia as "The Midnight Train." This shouldn't matter. If we're in a committed relationship, sometimes we needa hook up yo! We're not saying you have to sleep with us after the 1st/2nd/3rd date. We're also not saying that if you don't have sex with us, we're going to break up with you. We're not James Spader in an 80's Molly Ringwald movie. But don't be surprised if our eyes start to wander, or if we get a case of "Roman Hands and Russian Fingers."

#7- We're Intimidated By Your Kids

Don't get us wrong. We think the fact that you're such a good mom is amazing! We have a lot of respect for you. We're just not really sure if we're in a place in our lives' where we can play daddy. Not that you're asking us to, but relationships are difficult enough without us wondering if our behavior is affecting your children. We want them to be happy and we want you to be happy. But we're scared to death that your kiddos will start to actually cling to us. Also, it doesn't help that they've called us "daddy" on more than one occasion. We only like that when it's you saying it.

#6- You're Annoying When You Drink

When I go out, I like to have fun.  I try to stay away from the drama that usually plagues bars. I don't have time for jealousy, fighting, or public displays of (way too much) affection. This is why I don't usually bring you out with me. You're annoying when you drink, honey. When you're with us, you're somehow convinced that we're looking at, and therefore banging, every single other girl in the bar. We're not. This doesn't matter to you though. You will yell at us, slap us, slap them, and end up in the corner crying. We will then be responsible for picking you up and taking you home, because the bartender hates you. And we're getting close to feeling the same way.

#5- The Entire Social Network Knows Every Detail About Our Relationship

We don't mind when you change your status update from "single" to "in a relationship," but after that, you sort of become obnoxious. No, your friends and family do not need to know every time it's "Date Night!!! Yayyy!". They also don't need to know about every time we have a fight, how cute we are when we sleep, or that I sent you flowers. Those flowers were for you, not them. We also don't need to take a "vintage" picture on Instagram every time we're together.  Yeah, you like kissing our cheek while we make a cute face. Everyone gets it. Let's keep some stuff private, yeah? Also, if we break up, do you really need to write a 3-page status update about the who/what/why/when/where of what happened? No. You don't.

#4 You Talk About Your Ex Too Much

We know- everyone in the world has baggage. We do too. The difference is, we don't talk about it with you every single day. We know that you weren't in a good relationship. We know that you've suffered significant emotional damage. Nobody is denying that and we're really sorry it happened. But sweetie, you don't need to keep reminding us. Yeah, your ex was a douche. But we're here to try to fix it. We want to make sure you know that you deserve the greatest guy in the world,  because you're the greatest girl in the world. But the more you talk/whine/complain about your ex, the less enthused we become to make you feel better.

#3- You're Unattractive

Told you we were going to be honest. This has no bearing on you as a person. You're probably a really great human being. And believe us, we're no Gerard Butler either. But the fact is, for a successful relationship to happen, you have to be attracted to one another. If the guy isn't attracted to you, he's not going to like you. It's as simple as that. This is why it's important to understand your place in the hookup hierarchy. If you're a 6, you can get an 8 if you're smart, have a good personality, have big boobs, etc. But if you're a 4 going for a 7, it probably won't happen. Evaluate your role and find someone that you can match. A good personality is great, but that's like saying a car has a lot of character. Bottom line, you can't bang a chevy.

#2- You Kept Him Friend Zone'd For Too Long

Hollywood has this long-standing tradition of glamorizing "the chase." A guy likes a girl and works hard to get her, but constantly gets shut down, until the final reel when the girl finally realizes what she has in him. This is perfect for the movies, but when it comes to real life, it just doesn't work like that. Guys can only sit by for so long, watching you date the same kinds of guys and making the same bad decisions, before we realize OUR worth and act accordingly, by finding someone else who realizes our worth. We get that you don't want to "ruin our friendship," but don't expect us to be there 5 heartbreaks later when you finally realize that we've been the one that deserved you the entire time. We have been, but now it's too late and we're dating the hot foreign girl who doesn't speak English but has a butt you could crack an egg on.

#1- He Doesn't Know That You Like Him

This was #1 on our guys list too, and for good reason. I believe that this is the single biggest reason people don't end up together.  Everyone is afraid of rejection. It hurts. It damages the ego. But it's just an inane concept that people don't take a chance just because they're afraid of being rejected. Look baby, if you like a guy, tell him. Don't wait for him to come to you, because he may not. He's just as scared of rejection as you are. But because of your fear, both of you may be missing out on something that could be the best thing in the world for you- you both could be missing your happily-ever-after. Take a chance, doll. Put fear aside and realize that the only one who determines your happiness is you. You don't need  guy, but if you want one, make sure he's the best. Then go find him. Then go tell him. Then grab him by the back of his head and kiss him. You owe it to both of you.