There's a good chance if you have a friend sharing their latest workout with you that they're faking it based on a new survey.

The study was shared by Study Finds. It declares that 1 out of every 5 people are sharing workout information on social media to try and impress you, but they're really faking. They said the survey was commissioned by Gatorade for obvious reasons since they make money on everyone who really does sweat and gets thirsty.

We asked you the same question and had some funny responses including a pic of a big spoon in ice cream and a quiet confession.

I have discovered something else weird about workouts. I have a fitness-tracking watch and I don't feel like workouts count unless the watch keeps track of it. Since everyone is being honest about workouts, I will admit that I've swung my arm back and forth when I hadn't quite achieved my workout goal so the watch would ding approval for me. I live a sad life apparently.

I have mentioned on Facebook that I don't want to see anyone sharing workout information unless they fell off the treadmill and have video of the incident. Kind of joking, but also kind of serious. I admire healthy people, but really don't need to be more impressed because they just did a 15 mile marathon while I sit in front of the refrigerator waiting for the pudding to be ready for consumption.

Have you faked a workout to try and impress your friends? It's OK if you have. This survey says you're in good company.

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