Another day, another piece of Rihanna and Chris Brown drama. Shortly after Breezy was rumored to be locking lips with Nicole Scherzinger, eyewitnesses say he and RiRi got hot and heavy in a New York nightclub.

E! News reports that Rihanna and Brown were at NYC’s Griffin. They arrived separately (Brown rolled up with his buddy Bow Wow), but sources say that RiRi knew Brown was there. They sat at separate tables, but eventually Brown climbed over his to join his former flame (and current sidepiece). The source reports that Rihanna actually removed Breezy’s shirt before the duo started to dance and make out.

The pair left about five minutes apart, with Brown making his exit first. Spies also made sure to note that Brown’s long-suffering girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, was not present. (Girl, grow some self-respect!)

This incident is only the latest in a long line of events pointing toward a reconciliation, if not an outright reunion, between the two. The pair were rumored to be hooking up since early this year, exchanging mushy tweets prior to Brown’s probation hearing and even kissing at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards last month. This is all, of course, in addition to their much-maligned duets on their remixes of ‘Birthday Cake’ and ‘Turn Up the Music.’

If they are back together: Just come out with it already, you two! You’re not fooling anyone. Own it. Live it. Love it. It’s your lives — and you only live ‘em once!

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