That's hawt.

Rihanna took a break from posting topless photos on Instagram to twerk.

Her BFF Melissa Forde, who posts lots and lots of footage of RiRi on her account, as if to say, "I hang out with Rihanna and you don't," shared a vid of Ri shaking dat azz on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

With her gray locks, her pink visor, blue bathing suit, and loads of bling, Ri does her thang like she is trying out for a rap video. We want to see her twerk in one of her own videos down the road!

She shakes her booty, shrieks and does a mini twerk. She doesn't seem to be all that into twerkability.

Honestly, RiRi has nothing on Miley Cyrus, who can be credited with relaunching the twerk craze, or Nicki Minaj, who twerked up in a Busta Rhymes video recently.

RiRi is probably better at toking up with the green stuff than twerking on video. Hey, whatever works, right? She's living the live, enjoying the water and not exactly nursing a Breezy-caused broken heart right now, either.