We all know Rita Ora is looking fashionable and sexy on the latest cover of The Hundreds magazine. The clothing brand’s issue is celebrating the ’90s and Ora is fresh to def in polka dot leggings (polka dots were big in the ’90s), dark shades, gold chains and a hoodie jacket.

The 21-year-old pop siren is featured in a photo spread for the mag dressed in Hundreds gear. In one set of photos, Ora is rocking her signature beach blond hair through a snapback hat and wearing cool sunglasses. She completes the outfit with a camouflage jacket, denim booty shorts, blue sports bra and sneakers. As always, Ora is able to pull off the tom-boyish look and still maintain her femininity.

Inside the magazine, Ora talks about a myriad of subjects, including her favorite style icon Gwen Stefani, working with Jay-Z and offers advice for struggling artists looking to break into the music business.

During a photo shoot for the magazine’s cover, Ora said that she is influenced mostly by people who have a fearless attitude. “My influences are basically anyone that really is confident and doesn’t really give a s— about anything or what anyone thinks,” she says. “[And] anyone that talks about music and obviously cares [and] stands by their point.”

Ora also believes confidence is the biggest attribute to have for pursuing your dreams in life. “Confidence gets you a long way,” she says. “And I feel like if you are confident with yourself no one can touch you because… what can they say?”

The Hundreds magazine featuring Rita Ora is available now at the Hundreds flagship stores and authorized retailers.

Watch Rita Ora’s Cover Shoot For Hundreds Magazine