Germans love him, but who knew David Hasselhoff was such a wanted commodity here in the US? That’s what a convenience store chain is wondering after hundreds of giant promotional cardboard cut-outs of the ‘Baywatch’ star have gone missing.

Cumberland Farms, which has about 600 locations across the East Coast, put up the promos a few weeks ago, mainly outside near the gas pumps. They feature a tank top-clad Hoff shilling for the store’s iced coffee, and while each cardboard likeness is fairly sizable, that hasn’t stopped pop culture fans from swiping them at an alarming rate.

In all more than 550 of the cutouts have been pilfered, and a Cumberland Farms rep said only about 20 are left. An employee at one store, which wisely put its Hoff promo inside, said people routinely ask her if they can buy it. And a worker at another location, which had just put a cutout next to a gas pump, said he didn’t expect it would “last through the night.”

Learn more about this rash of David Hasselhoff-related crimes below. Where’s K.I.T.T. when you need him??

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