Russell Crowe and Dita Von Teese may not be an official item, but regardless, they're allegedly having romantic couples massages together at the Four Seasons. Because that's how rich people flirt.

According to the NY Post, the 'Les Miserables' "singer" (it's early in the week so we're still being generous with descriptors) and the burlesque star have been on the down-low ever since Crowe once retweeted one of her comments about garter belts.

Or maybe Russell Crowe just has a serious retweet problem. (Hint: He does.)

However, Von Teese is not the only woman Crowe's been linked to since he split from his wife of nine years back in October. In early December, he was also allegedly spotted late one night at the Greenwich Hotel with Billy Joel's ex Katie Lee. Witnesses say they were involved in “intense flirtatious conversation,” which sounds like something requiring medical intervention.

But Crowe said it's all pure fabrication. In fact, in mid-December, he claimed he was still trying to patch up his marriage.

This was before everyone started talking about the admittedly delectable Dita, though. And if he wants to discourage the scuttlebutt about her, maybe he should lay off retweeting her missives containing questions like, "Under whose bed did I leave my Hermes riding crop?"

Or he could wing a phone at anyone repeating the gossip.