Just over a year ago, Sean Kingston was recovering from a jet ski accident in Florida. Now, he’s a featured artist on ‘On Ya,’ the latest club banger from Israeli jill-of-all-trades Meital Dohan. 

Although Dohan might sound like an unfamiliar name in the U.S., she’s quite the starlet in her homeland. She’s a singer, actress, playwright, comedian and has been nominated for the equivalent of an Oscar not once, but twice! She is quite a gal, isn’t she? So Kingston, who has been known to bro with and be Punk’d by the Biebs, is in good company.

‘On Ya,’ is an effervescent party jam on par, and as MTV notes, has a sound similar to that of David Guetta’s dance-pop tracks. Those things (with “things” being Guetta jams) go on to became massive hits, so that’s to Dohan’s credit. The addition of Kingston brings some street edge and cred to her song. They could very well have a hit on their hands.

The Israeli beauty and the urban artisan? Oh yeah, that’s a combo we like! Having a popular artist like Kingston appear on the track certainly opens the door to more fans for Dohan. Smart marketing move, peeps!

Dohan will drop ‘I’m in Hate With Love’ this summer. We love that clever title – do you?

Listen to Meital Dohan’s ‘On Ya’ Feat. Sean Kingston

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