Ramblin Pam is a YouTuber that posts fun videos of her travels around the United States.

Earlier this month she shared her trip to South Pass City, Wyoming.

Those of you that have visited this Wyoming Ghost Town know that it is full of Wyoming history.

My five kids and I just visited South Pass City this Summer for Gold Rush Days.

We had a wonderful time spending the day walking through the town, touring the mine, and panning for gold.

Each of my kids painstakingly took their pan of South Pass City dirt and tirelessly worked until they each found a few flakes.

I think I was as excited as they were.

While watching the video I was shocked to hear the story of Polly Bartlett. Polly allegedly murdered 22 men that were staying at her Inn located in South Pass City.

I had never heard of her and I was fascinated by this dark part of South Pass City's history.

In the end, like most people that hear Polly's story, I was full of questions that will never have answers.

I also enjoyed the fact that Ramblin' Pam talked a bit about South Pass' connection to our political history, specifically woman's suffrage.

My favorite story is about Esther Hobart Morris, the first female Justice of the Peace in the United States. She was appointed February 17, 1870, in South Pass City. Her first act after taking office was to charge her predecessor for failing to hand over the court's records to her. She dropped the charges due to her conflict of interest as both the plaintiff and judge but kept her own docket book during her term.

For such a tiny town, South Pass is full of a lot of BIG history.

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