What a great weekend weather wise to be on a boat on a beautiful river. Steelhead fishing in Idaho is a fun and challenging fishing experience.

First fly fishing for Steelhead is a difficult task. It's just the start of the actual season so we knew going it maybe slow. There are quite a few stretches to float for fishing too.

We saw a lot of Salmon which isn't always a good sign for Steelhead as they don't really like each-other. We saw so many fish but just couldn't land any.

Sometimes when you are fishing for Steelhead it's not baiting them necessarily as they are really territorial and can be easily irritated by the right thing, which makes them strike at your hook or maybe mouth the fish eggs to keep as they don't want any other fishing surviving other then them.

Keith Henry took us over as he is going to start guiding for Clearwater River Company. He was great and it was fun to be able to fish from the boat and be on the water in the great weather we received.

Orofino has a lot of great history actually. The 3rd largest damn is there, a big fishery/hatchery and an important spot for Lewis and Clark's travels.

Can't wait to get a bit of video up I got soon. I highly recommend going over to fish in Idaho.