The website recently published a list ranking the "10 Drunkest Counties in Wyoming".

Based on statistics derived from the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police Alcohol and Crime Report, these counties lead the Cowboy State in alcohol related arrests.

1. Laramie County - With nearly 1,400 alcohol involved infractions, most of them in Cheyenne, Laramie County is the drunkest place in Wyoming,

2. Natrona County - With over 1,350 alcohol related arrests, Casper area drinkers gave Cheyenne drunks a real run for their money.

3. Fremont County - Along with Laramie and Natrona, Fremont was the only county in the Cowboy State with over 1,000 alcohol attributed citations.

4. Campbell County - They know how to party in northeastern Wyoming. Campbell County finished fourth with over 900 alcohol fueled incidents.

5. Albany County - College parties in Laramie help propel Albany County into the top five, with nearly 750 arrests.

Sweetwater, Sheridan, Teton, Carbon and Converse round out the ten drunkest counties in the Cowboy State.

According to the study, Weston County is the most sober place in Wyoming, with less than 70 alcohol related arrests.

Of the over 17,000 incidents cited in the report, over 64% of criminal offenses in Wyoming were alcohol related.