Given our small population and low crime rate, you would assume that Wyoming was one of the safest states in the country. Think again.

According to the new Wallet Hub study "2016's Safest States in America", the Cowboy State is one of the most dangerous places in the nation.

Their results are derived from several statistical categories, including violent crime rates, thefts, fatal car accidents, weather related disasters, occupational hazards, access to health care and law enforcement officers.

Wyoming ranks 36th in the nationwide safety study, overall. However, our "Fatal Occupational Injury Rate" is tied with North Dakota for the highest in the country. Wyoming has eight times as many fatal accidents in the workplace, per capita, than Massachusetts.

The study also ranked Wyoming as the second most dangerous state for drivers, based on the number of fatal accidents for every 100 millions miles of vehicle traffic

The news isn't all bad, fortunately. Wyoming ranks among the 20 best states for "Home and Community Safety". The Cowboy State also ranked 13th nationwide for "Financial Safety".

Vermont was ranked as the safest state overall, followed by Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine.

Mississippi finished at the bottom of the safety study with Oklahoma, Alaska, New Mexico and Tennessee rounding out the five most dangerous states to live in. Check out the full list here.