Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran said they wouldn't appear in the video for their duet for 'Everything Has Changed' and they don't…until the very end. They do so with a twist.

The video features a mini-Swift with a tangle of blond curls and a mini-Sheeran with a crop of ginger hair -- no tattoos, though. It's clear these actors were chosen for their physical resemblance to the singers!

They find young love as kids in grade school. He plays guitar and sings to her. They make cookies. They build a fort. They color. They draw on their faces with markers. "Precious" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Swift and Sheeran as adults appear as parents, retrieving their daughter and son from school, respectively.

The video certainly reignites the question about whether or not T. Swizzle and E. Sheeran are dating in real life.