Taylor Swift wished fans a very good morning when she performed 'I Knew You Were Trouble' for Australia's 'Today' show.

Swift was down under to continue her massive promotion for 'Red.' Sporting black pants and a black top with shiny polka dots, her new signature red lipstick and cat eyes, Swift delivered a rollicking performance for being so early in the morning. She moved around quite a bit onstage, though she lacked the oft-awkward choreography she's been employing lately. (We don't think anyone missed it.)

Whether it was an audio issue or jet lag, Swift's vocals weren't their best. At times she was inaudible over her band and background singers, and towards the conclusion of the clip, you can see her poking subtly at the monitor in her ear. Maybe she couldn't hear herself, either?

Swift went on to perform more hits, including 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' She sat down for an interview where she revealed, "There's a lot of guys whenever I look out into the audience." A female audience member responded by yelling, "It's 'cause you're hot!" Swift's PR-savvy and sweet retort? "No, it's 'cause you guys are hot and they know where you're gonna be!" Cute!

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