There I was on an airplane traveling to the Midwest for my brothers wedding and all I could think about was coming back to Wyoming. If you have a big trip planned, you get excited. When you really love where you live, you get excited to come home. Who knew that in just over 5 months that I would enjoy living in Wyoming as much as I do and already consider it home.

While visiting back at home, I answered the question..."What don't you like about Wyoming"? and didn't have an answer. I answered the question "What DO you like about Wyoming" in a very long answer...Mountains, weather, people, the attitude of Wyomingites, wildlife, the high chance of deep snow, My Country 95.5 and the list kept going. "What do I dread about coming back home to Wyoming?" That answer is easy...leaving my family! Luckily with technology, it's much easier to keep in touch with them and make it seem like I'm not even gone from them. That's really the only saving grace I have to be away from them, back in Wyoming.

Since this was the first time I'd been home since moving here, I had a great time telling people about my new home and inviting them to come "visit"! I told them that they'd have to go home after seeing all the sites the great state of Wyoming has to offer, but they're always welcome.

How do you like to explain to other people about the great state of Wyoming, I'd be really interested in hearing what you say!

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