It's all over but the counting.

Few if any problems were reported from the 46 precincts where voters in Natrona County cast their ballots in the General Election on Tuesday, Natrona County Clerk Tracy Good said Tuesday night.

More than 4,000 people cast their absentee ballots at the Clerk's office, and 3,451 cast mail-in ballots, all of which were counting in a half-hour after the polls closed at 7 p.m., Good said.

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There are more than 37,500 registered voters in Natrona County, she said.

Republican Good ran unopposed for reelection in the General Election for a third term.

While the final numbers aren't known until later this evening, she said the turnout this year paled in comparison to 2020.

The General Election in 2018 seemed a bit busier than this year as well, Good added.

She will have about nine people working on counting the election results, and 12 Natrona County Sheriff's deputies bringing in the election results.

On Thursday, the Natrona County Canvassing Board will meet to verify the unofficial results. The board is composed of her, a representative from each of the major parties and a couple of deputy clerks, Good said.


Voting at Industrial Building, Natrona County Fairgrounds

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