Natrona County residents need to be aware of an upcoming siren test that is scheduled for end of next week.

The official Natrona County Emergency Management Facebook page made the announcement with pic and caption that read:

The countywide Outdoor Warning Siren system will be tested on Friday, September 29th. Each siren will be tested individually between 9 am to 2 pm.

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Natrona County Emergency Management also shared some informative "Outdoor Warning System" Quick Facts.

Follows International Association of Emergency Managers' Alert Recommendations:

  • Using Steady Tones With No Voice Prompts
  •  Activated for National Weather Service Tornado Warnings or For a Severe Thunderstorm Warning Only if Destructive Winds Are 80+ MPH Are Observed by a Trained Weather Spotter or Indicated in a National Weather Service Warning
  • Alerts on an Imminent Hazard - Find Immediate Shelter and Seek Further Information
  • No "All Clear" Alerts

Other facts listed include:

  • Designed to Be Heard Outdoors, in Areas Surrounding Siren Locations
  • Activated Only in the Forecast Path of a Storm, Based on National Weather Service Alerts and Radar
  • 1 of 4 Natrona County Mass Notification Tools

Why isn't it used for hail?

Large size destructive hail is often very isolated and short lived, so usually by the time the report is received and the process to the activate the sirens is complete, the hazard has already passed.

Below is a map with all the siren locations in and around Natrona County.

Emergency Warning Sirens - Locations in Natrona County

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