The NCAA Basketball finals but a halt on a lot of NBA action, but here are the highlight reels of the weekend. We'll start off with Sunday's top 10. We start it off with volleyball-like scramble in Oakland before the Jazz finally come up with the ball and Derrick Favors finishes with a the jam. We move on to Kobe's no-look bullet pass to Jamison for an easy 2 points for the Lakers. The "Black Mamba" makes the countdown again with a alley-oop to Laker big man, Dwight Howard. Of course the Clippers got all the revenge on the Lakers with the victory and Coran Butler added some sauce by dunking all over the unsuspecting Antwan Jamison. Can you say payback? The #1 spot goes to Marc Gasol after 2 separate blocks he executed late (including one right at the buzzer), helped his Grizzlies secure the 1 point victory over the Kings.

This years dunk contest winner, Toronto Raptors' Terrence Ross gets jiggy with the one hand slam. The Timberwolves' Andrei Kirilenko dished a sweet dime that ended in a dunk for his squad. The Nuggets' Kenneth "the Manimal" Faried had a great block right near the rim. The Manimal also gets the #1 spot after a feed from Andre Iguodala led to his massive throw down the pipe for Denver's blowout victory over Houston.