The NBA Playoffs are in effect!!! Let's check out the highlights from the first days action.

Kenyon Martin (affectionately known as K-Mart) denied the Jet entry in the paint as he sent Jason Terry's shot into row 34 in the Knicks' game against the Celtics.

Marc Gasol had a sweet dish to Chris Conley for an easy lay-up in the Grizzlies versus Clippers game.

New current 3-point scoring record holder Steph Curry had an awful first half against the Nuggets as the Warriors traveled to Denver. But a late trifecta tied the game with 14.5 seconds left (we'll come back to this game later).

The Knicks' JR Swoosh performed a beautiful, gravity defying, mid-air move around Celtics' all-star K.G. and later, Mr. Smith posterized Jeff Green with a right-down-the-middle drive and dunk.

Derek Williams had a nice pass, in traffic, to fellow Brooklyn Net, Brook Lopez. D-Will would make the countdown again showing off his agility with a reverse slam.

The number 2 and 1 spots both belong to Denver Nuggets (told ya we'd be back in Denver). #2, Javale McGee's monster slam way over Aussie Andrew Bogut. But the #1 spot goes to 37-year old Andre Miller with the YMCA lay-up with less than 2 seconds on the clock which ultimately put the nail in the coffin on Golden State.