Dunk City all over today's NBA.com top 10. The Wizards' John Wall starts it off with a sea-parting dunk on the Knicks. The Pacers' Gerald Green does the same as he drives for the slam in Indiana's game against the Cavs. Then we have to get the Lakers' big men in it, as Pau Gasol sends an oop over to Dwight Howard for the big throw down on the Hornets. The Pacers' get in the countdown again on a lob received by David West. In Chicago, Jimmy Butler posterizes yet another victim as he flys though the air for his big throw down. And the much hated, but proving to be a star, Russell Westbrook gave his Thunder a push with a super slam all over Utah. But the number 1 spot goes to the King again, LeBron James, after an alley oop off the backboard to himself. This was all-star game worthy in a regular season game!!! Bow to the king.