The great NBA action keeps coming in and there have been a plethora of games all week. After last night's action, the the countdown is staying big at 10 plays.

10.) We start off in Sacramento with the Kings' Isaiah Thomas lobbing up the pass to Derrick Williams to finish the up alley-oop play.

9.) At Charlotte, the Bobcats' Josh McRoberts dishes the perfect behind-the-back dime to Jeffery Taylor for the slam.

8.) We stay in Charlotte for a block party as Cody Zeller denies Orlando's E'Twaun Moore and just to add some icing on the cake, same shot clock, Al Jefferson repeats the same treatment on Big Baby Davis. Ouch!

7.) At the TD Gardens in Boston, Jordan Crawford throws the lob to Avery Bradley who finishes with ease.

6.) Another "oop" play on the highlight reel as we head to NYC as the Bulls' big man Joakim Noah throws the lob to Taj Gibson. Love to see the big guys playing in sink like that.

5.) But the Knicks' get some payback as JR Smith awes the crowd with the beautiful spin move and follows with the over-the-shoulder pass to the Italian, Andrea Bargnani. You make it look so easy JR.

4.) OKC's superstar Kevin Durant played so well, we get 3 plays of his to make up the fourth spot. How can you choose? I think the alley oop play was the best myself.

3.) Yet another lob on the highlight reel as Triple A, Arron Afflalo sends the alley to Victor Oladipo for the dunk in Charlotte.

2.) Back in Boston, Courtney Lee gets the block which leads to the Jeff Green super slam!

1.) But the #1 spot goes to Stephen Curry for the buzzer-beater that puts Golden State up 2 as the clock winds down to zero.