So much excellent NBA action last night, there could have been a top 20, but the highlight reel is back up to 10. And here they are:

10.) We start things off in Los Angeles as the Lakers' Wesley Johnson get the nice dunk on the run out.

9.) In Miami, the Flash a.k.a. D. Wade gets the mid-air save and after running back gets the feed from Ray Allen for the bucket and the foul.

8.) In Indiana, the Pacers' Lance Stephenson shows off the handles getting fancy with it and finishes for 2.

7.) Same game, another Pacers' highlight as Paul George gets the monster reverse dunk on a run out. That's how you slam it home when you're all alone.

6.) Back in Miami, the Kings' Isaiah Thomas throws the lob to Ben McLemore for the alley oop.

5.) At Pepsi Center in Denver, the Nuggets' J.J. Hickson gets the huge put back slam after the Randy Foye miss.

4.) In Dallas, the Raptors' DeMar DeRozan rejects José Calderón's shot. Great chase down defense there. 

3.) The Cavs' Kyrie Irving joins the swat team with this rejection on Brandon Knight. This one being one of a career high 4 blocks for Irving.

2.) In Philly, the 76ers' Evan Turner gets the kind bounce on his buzzer-beating shot for the win against the Nets.

1.) But the top spot goes to the king, LeBron James for his posterizing dunk on poor Ben Mclemore. Guess the Heat wanted some backpack for his early lob. Here's some advance: don't attempt to take a LeBron James charge.