With 8 Games of NBA action last night, the highlight reel is still hovering at 10 dazzling plays. And here they are:

10.) We start of with a steal from Detroit's Josh Smith that ends with an easy uncontested dunk.

9.) In Brooklyn, the Nuggets' Randy Foye floats the lob up to J.J. Hickson to finish the Alley Oop.

8.) The Celtics' Gerald Wallace proves at 31 years of age he's still got it as he one-hand slams right down the on the Bucks.

7.) Back in Brooklyn, a wide open Kenneth Faried jumps up and down, begging for the ball. The effect is meant with a bullet lob pass from Denver point guard supreme, Ty Lawson, that the Manimal dunks home with force.

6.) We stay in NYC for yet another Nuggets highlight as Ty Lawson drives and goes behind the back for the easy lay-up on the Nets' all-star center, Brook Lopez.

5.) The Bobcats' Josh McRoberts gets around and slams on future hall of famer, Dirk Nowitzki, leaving him to look like an amateur. Nice air youngster.

4.) We'll keep it in the American Airlines Center for back-to-back McRoberts' plays as he strips Dirk for the steal, hustles down court and executes the sweet behind-the-back dime to Gerald Henderson for the dunk.

3.) The Raptors' Jonas Valančiūnas performs a beautiful spin move on Andre Bogut that leads to a nice slam dunk.

2.) Once again in Miami, after Brandon Jennings gets the steal (sorry LeBron), he drops the dime to Josh Smith for the dunk. The Pistons upset the Heat at home with this win.

1.) The number one spot goes to Boston's Avery Bradley for the mid-air, over the backboard, whilst fading out of bounds, shot for 2. They don't get any prettier than that.