Plenty of NBA action last night with 8 games. The top 10 plays are on the board!!!

10.) The Jazz' Trey Burke starts off the countdown with the steal and throw ahead pass to Richard Jefferson for the reverse lay-up.

9.) The Pelicans' point guard Jrue Holiday throws up the nice oop in traffic to Al-Farouq Aminu to complete the alley dunk.

8.) Three Pistons getting it done after the Josh Smith steal and pass to Brandon Jennings who passed to Greg Monroe for the easy slam.

7.) Back in New Orleans, Jrue Holiday lands on the highlight reel again with this nice spin move around pretty much the entire 5 players on the floor for the Mavericks.

6.) The Cavs' all-star point guard Kyrie Irving gets in on the action with a spin move of his own around a couple of Nuggets.

5.) Portland's Damian Lillard attempted the spin move and gets denied by Serge Ibaka which leads to the dunk (and 1) by the Durantula.

4.) The Hawks' Al Horford gets jiggy with the reverse dunk on the Clippers.

3.) Back in Cleveland, Denver's Wilson Chandler gets the sweet block as he pins the ball to the backboard on the Dion Waiters dunk attempt.

2.) In Atlanta, NBA history is made!!! Kyle Korver ties the 3-pointer streak record of 89 consecutive games played with a made 3 in each. Congrats are in order. That's an 18 year record you're tied with buddy.

1.) At the top spot, still in the ATL, Paul Millsap executes the sweet head fake and finishes by going hard to the basket. The Hawks get the win over the Clippers.