A whole lot of NBA action last night with 7 games, so we'll keep the highlight reel at 10! And here they are:

10.) We start things off in Phoenix as the Suns' Morris twins get busy with Marcus throwing the alley to Markieff for the dunk.

9.) In Indiana, the Pacers' Paul George gets his hand in which gets his teammate George Hill the easy tip pass that goes... right back to Paul George for the lay-in.

8.) On to the ATL, where the Hawks' Jeff Teague goes right down the middle for the one-hand slam.

7.) In Cleveland, the Raptors' Terrence Ross displays (to those who forgot) that he won the 2013 dunk contest and this jam was just a reminder.

6.) In our nation's capitol, the Wizards' John Wall executes the crossover and then drives hard to the bucket for the dunk.

5.) Back in Cleveland, the Cavs' Kyrie Irving just breaking everyone's ankles, first with the behind-the back dribble, then the dirty crossover and finishing with his left for the double clutch lay-up. Degree of difficulty: 10!!!

4.) Returning to Indiana, the Lakers' Pau Gasol showing he's still got it with the nice spin more and dunk.

3.) Back in Atlanta, the Bulls' D. J. Augustin hit's the 3rd quarter, beyond half court buzzer beater for 3.

2.) Now back in Phoenix, Minnesota's Ricky Rubio gets the nice drive and backwards shot (while being grabbed) to go in. Way to get the tradition 3-point play.

1.) But the top spot goes to the Pacers' Paul George for the rejection and then going all the way to the other side for the reverse lay-up.